Business models for your type of business

We know that every business is different and therefore we have prepared several business models and contractual alternatives for you

Our technological solutions have been designed so to achieve the best payback period of client’s investments. We take into account total cost of ownership (TCO) covering the initial investment, operating costs, and also financial costs of the solution, if needed. If you cannot make any input investment, a solution exists how to implement measures to enhance energy efficiency of your company without the required input capital. In this case you can use the EPC model.

EPC – Energy Performance Contracting (guaranteed energy services)

At the beginning of the project we identify your energy, operation and maintenance costs. Then we propose a technological system generating energy saving and reducing operating costs. These savings are monitored during the entire term of the project and are contractually guaranteed. Financing of the solution and the term of the contract are agreed in advance. The system is owned by the client (depreciation, tax benefits) and is suitable for those who cannot make the input investment.


  • No input investment

  • New technology is paid from energy cost savings

  • Key-turn project

  • Operation and maintenance during the entire term of the contract
  • Savings are contractually guaranteed - if you don’t reach the saving determined in advance, we will pay your penalty in the sum agreed in advance 


One technical solution and many contractual alternatives for your needs

The business model is the same as EPC model; however savings are not contractually guaranteed. On the other hand, the instalment is usually lower since it is not needed to invest into equipment for control of saving. The model is suitable for solutions where low to medium high investment is required. Financing is ensured by an instalment schedule, and the system is fully owned by the client (depreciation, tax benefits).


In this model investment and operation risks are born by SE Predaj. Despite the previous models, the solution is owned by SE Predaj and only the given commodity is sold to the client for the agreed price (€/unit). The biggest advantage are zero investment costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) based on real consumption. Typical example is sale of heat or chilled water for the agreed price (€/MWh).


Rental costs in this model are not entered in the accounts like capital costs (CAPEX) but like service costs, i.e. they belong to operating costs (OPEX). The technology is owned during the entire term of use by SE Predaj.


If you decide to consume electricity and/or gas from SE Predaj utilising any business model during its term, we offer you an extra advantageous price.


SE Predaj is a qualified ESCO company (Energy Service Company)
registered in the Slovseff programme ensured by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Thanks to the programme we have an opportunity to receive a non-returnable contribution amounting from 5 to 20 % of the investment that will be received by the final client. More information on