Energy consultancy

We know how to save!

You can discuss a wide range of solutions with SE Predaj experts thanks to which you will reduce your energy costs. Thanks to detail analysis of your energy audit we can identify areas where you can maximise the payback period of investments.

We follow only ideas the best for you


  • Our Energy Services will enable you to implement projects that are aimed at energy saving without employing your own experts and project managers
  • We provide you with a complete professionally trained management team who will ensure successful implementation of the project in your company
  • We are not bound by any particular technology or mark - our experts analyse your problems, and propose the best solutions to suit your needs. We will develop you an action plan for their implementation, if agreed
  • We can guarantee covering of costs for implementation of the solution by saved energy costs within an agreed timeframe.

We have successfully implemented

ŽOS Trnava, 2015
Modernisation of N hall lighting with the area of 50,000 m2; total investment EUR 924,000; payback  period 7 years; saving 60 %

Replacement of hardening unit cooling; total investment EUR 179,000; payback period 4 years; saving 92 %

Kúpele Vyšné Ružbachy, 2016
Reconstruction of heat system using geothermal energy; total investment EUR 406,000; payback period 5 years; saving 45 %