Energy efficiency


As the energy services provider we propose high-quality and effective tailored solutions to our clients.  We guarantee that the proposed solutions will pay their way thanks to savings in time.

 Thanks to Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby you can save in the following areas:


  Energy services - consultancy

  Business models for your type of business

  Heating and cooling

  Monitoring of consumption

  Fuel saving in boilers


  Modernisation and enhancement of efficiency of compressed air production



Identify the problem and propose a technical solution. Calculate the achievable saving. Assess economic feasibility of measures. Propose, construct and operate the particular solution. Preliminary evaluate measures and propose improvements.


reasons why Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby

Do you look for a reliable, flexible and experienced partner for provision of energy services? Choose us.

1. Strong business partner and stabilised company

2. We help to clients to sustainably develop their business. We do not sell only commodity but a package of services from identification of potential savings to implementation of turn-key projects. 

3. Saving measures will reduce your energy consumption costs as well as maintenance, service, administration and insurance costs.

4. Our technological innovations bring saving, enhance reliability of the given system and also safety and quality of the working environment.

5. We cooperate with external technological partners to present you the best offer with the best payback period, final price and quality of technical solution.

6. Solutions we have proposed have a significantly longer life than time needed for their payment from savings. Lower energy consumption and lower operating costs are your profit.

7. Our project team consisting of experienced specialists from various disciplines will perform all steps and activities leading to successful implementation of the project based on your input data.

8. Your only task is to provide us with sufficient and correct information at the time of preparation of solution. We will ensure everything else.

9. You do not need to invest your own sources. We will tailor you the financing based on your possibilities and requirements.

10. We feel being responsible for the environment, and thus we supply electricity also from renewable resources, so called green electricity.