Lighting of interiors

LED is the most effective light source with long life. It has been put on the market a longer time before, and therefore its acquisition price is relatively acceptable and the payback period is economically attractive.


  • Quality of lighting proper and light comfort of people in a workplace,
  • enhanced safety on the workplace and fire safety,
  • Fulfilment of requirements of STN EN 12464-1 without a threat of health penalties,
  • reduction of electricity consumption and reserved capacity,
  • service and maintenance savings.


The LED lighting proposal takes into account client’s requirements, the technical standard related to lighting and nature of the room that has a potential of additional saving resulting from control and dimming (e.g. by brightness sensors or attendance sensors). The emphasis is put also on selection of suitable LED design that is often crucial for an ideal payback period of the project.  

We have successfully implemented | Lighting of the production hall with the area of 50,000 m2

Installation of LED lighting with complete infrastructure, control, zoning and automatic dimming based on daylight in the production hall of a mechanical engineering company in Trnava. It was the solution seemed to be the most expensive at first sight.  However the experience showed that it was the most suitable. On sunny day, the area met the average lighting intensity required by the standard thanks to which the automatic control system produced high additional savings. The project was implemented in the form of EPC so the client invested EUR 0 into the modernisation. The project is paid from savings that the LED technology generate during the entire term of the contract. The amount of saving is contractually guaranteed.