Monitoring of consumption

Temporary limitation of consumption of non-preferred equipment is usable where a risk of penalty for exceeding the reserved capacity exists or the penalty has been already applied.

The service includes installation of auxiliary measuring and control components, data collection and follow-up data processing. Monitoring of electricity consumption in individual points or switchboards will provide us with an exact summary of flow of electricity consumed in the given point of consumption. These data give the user a valuable information about consumption of equipment and serve for evaluation of an overall consumption.

Evaluation of current consumption serves as the basis for software guarding of the set reserved capacity. If the system contains equipment the function of which may be limited for a short time or they have sufficient inertia, i.e. non-preferred consumption (e.g. smelting plant or HVAC), the system may switch off this equipment for a short time.



  • Exact summary of total electricity consumption
  • Identification of deficiencies of the power grid and individual points of consumption
  • Assessment of energy audit data, calculation of real saving resulting from the implemented measure to reduce energy demands
  • Prevention of penalizing for reserved capacity
  • Fire prevention

Payback period in practice

The payback period is evaluated individually but it may be registered already in few hours when the system saves a high penalty that can be of higher-order value than the investment proper by control of non-preferred consumptions.