Production of heat and chilled water for residential

We enable transfer of a part of investment related to construction of a heat and chilled water source from developer companies to us. Thanks to technologies using renewable resources we help our clients to meet demanding criteria on achievement of the energy class A1. Then we supply heat and chilled water to the building for prices that are lower than the existing offer.


  • Proposal of suitable technological solution

  • Development of design documentation

  • Construction of machine room, or wells and distribution pipelines (in case of heat pump water/water)

  • Financing of investment

  • Supply of heat/chilled water

  • Complete service



  • 100 % financing of the investment

  • Use of renewable resources enabling achievement of the class A1 (heat pump or photovoltaics)

  • Production of heat and chilled water by one technology

  • Follow-up comprehensive service and operation

  • Partnership with verified company


We have successfully implemented

New developer project with 34 flats and 14 houses in Bratislava without connection to a central heat source. 


  • Construct a heat source

  • Utilise renewable resources as much as possible

  • Be the most effective from the economy viewpoint


  • Installation of 3 heat pumps of the water-water system with the capacity of 104 kW 
  • Installation of a spare heat pump with the capacity of 24 kW


  • Effectiveness of operation at the level of 4 COP
  • Use of free cooling for cooling